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Why you want Project Management Professionals on your projects

Nick Bergthold
June 9, 2020

In many organizations, especially start-ups and small firms, the task of project management is often assigned to somebody internal as a “side duty” to their existing role. Frequently this person lacks the training, experience, and focus needed to properly carry the project to completion. Communication breaks down, project goals are misstated, and time, money, and resources are stretched thin as your project balloons beyond control. Ultimately the project flops and nobody is certain as to why or how to prevent it from happening again.

Last year I decided to pursue my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and join the ranks of nearly one million other certified project managers worldwide. I’ve been managing projects for most of my career, but only recently have I come to realize what it takes to fully and properly manage a project to successful completion.

As I studied for my exam, I thought about my past projects and how much they would’ve benefited from the formal processes and frameworks taught to PMPs. I thought of all the effort that had been wasted because our projects hadn’t been well structured or set up for success from the beginning. Most importantly, I realized the value of having a dedicated, experienced, and formally trained PMP leading your projects.

Here are some of the advantages of enlisting a PMP-certified project manager to oversee your next project:

Project Management Professionals can spot a project early and plan accordingly.

How many times has your organization started a small “task” that quickly grows, and grows, until it’s become too unmanageable to complete? This is known as “scope creep” and often occurs when an organization jumps too quickly into projects they think to be simple tasks.

PMPs are taught to recognize projects early and plan for them accordingly. Through interviews with customers and stakeholders, they collect all the “requirements” that define success, then forecast the time, effort, and budget required. This allows organizations to properly evaluate a project’s value and resource them appropriately.

Good project management can stop your organization from wasting resources on initiatives that don’t deliver a positive return on your investment.

Project Management Professionals have proven their experience and established credibility.

Qualifying to take the PMP exam is challenging and requires several years of prior experience leading and directing projects. Candidates must also complete specialized project management training.

Once qualified to take the PMP exam, there is a detailed application process and a $555 exam fee. The Project Management Body of Knowledge, the textbook used to study for the exam, is a lengthy read at 592 pages. The test includes 200 questions and takes up to four hours to complete.

Achieving the PMP certification shows that the project manager is experienced, educated, and dedicated to their craft.

Project Management Professionals are globally recognized and speak a “universal language”.

PMPs learn a universal approach to project management that is understood across the world. They practice standardized techniques and processes, making them capable of managing a project in any country or industry. They speak a common language, using established terminology when interacting with stakeholders. This promotes efficiency and maintains effective communication, which is key to project success.

Project Management Professionals offer a competitive edge and increase business value.

The PMP certification demonstrates that the project manager has learned to manage projects in a structured and repeatable fashion. PMPs are trained to anticipate issues, plan for uncertainty, and mitigate risk. When your project is led by a PMP, you’ll know that your team is being led by someone who has the experience and knowledge to consistently produce great results.

You want Project Management Professionals on your projects!

PMPs are in high demand and odds are your organization will benefit greatly with one leading your next project. Having certified project managers gives you the assurance that your projects will be executed with efficiency and reduce the risk of failure. Many large businesses and government organizations require PMPs for their projects because they can trust their efforts to be completed on time, within budget, and with minimized risk.

Final Thoughts

When I joined A2J Tech, I was delighted to find that the other project managers were also PMP certified. As a collaborative organization, it’s important that we can speak a common language and follow similar project management practices. And at the end of the day, I feel confident in our ability to tackle projects both big and small, knowing that we carry the expertise and experience to deliver premium work every time.

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