Brand Kit & Guidelines

This page provides simple guidelines for incorporating A2J Tech branding according to our design and accessibility frameworks.

A2J Tech Brand Kit

Access our comprehensive media kit to get a deeper insight into our brand. Our media kit includes high-resolution images, detailed information about our organization's branding, and other essential information on our design and accessibility guidelines. Perfect for media professionals, partners, and anyone interested in promoting our brand, this kit is your go-to source for all our branding materials.

If you have any questions about proper usage, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


The A2J Tech color palette is designed to be accessible, including for those with visual impairments. To ensure that your usage of background color and foreground text color is accessible, please consult the guide below.

Main Background Colors

Purple Background
White Text

HEX: #291D89
RGB: 41, 29, 137
HSL: 247°, 65%, 33%
CMYK: 70%, 79%, 0%, 46%

Dark Blue Background
White Text

HEX: #0D245C
RGB: 13, 36 , 92
HSL: 223°, 75%, 21%
CMYK: 86%, 61%, 0%, 64%

Gray Blue Background
Black Text

RGB: 156, 188, 247
HSL: 219°, 85%, 79%
CMYK: 37%, 24%, 0%, 3%

Orange Background
Black Text

RGB: 255, 142, 126
HSL: 8°, 100%, 75%
CMYK: 0%, 44%, 51%, 0%

Neutral Background Colors

Black Background
White Text

HEX: #202427
RGB: 32, 36, 39
HSL: 206°, 10%, 14%
CMYK: 18%, 8%, 0%, 85%

Dark Gray Background
White Text

HEX: #4D4F52
RGB: 77, 79, 82
HSL: 216°, 3%, 31%
CMYK: 5%, 2%, 0%, 68%

White Background
Black Text

RGB: 250, 249, 246
HSL: 45°, 29%, 97%
CMYK: 0%, 1%, 2%, 2%

Light Blue Background
Black Text

RGB: 240,244,255
HSL: 224° , 100% , 97%
CMYK: 6%, 4%, 0%, 0%


Whether you're creating digital content, print materials, or anything in between, our logos are designed to represent our brand consistently and effectively. Please adhere to our usage guidelines to maintain the integrity of our brand identity.

Primary Logo

Use the primary logo on white only. Do not use the primary logo on any colour background or image.

A2J Tech primary logo

Light Variation

Use the light variation logo on dark colour backgrounds or images. Always check accessibility standards to make sure we pass.

A2J Tech white variation

Dark Variation

Use the dark variation logo on light colour backgrounds or images. Always check accessibility standards to make sure we pass.

A2J Tech logo dark logo


A2J Tech brand's typography primarily uses Plus Jakarta Sans. This is a sans-serif font, making it easy to read.

Plus Jakarta Sans

Plus Jakarta Sans is used for all header and content paragraphs.

A2J tech typeface