Coordinated Intake

A2J Tech's team can assist in streamlining workflows within or between organizations, identifying potential issues, and establishing essential reporting and maintenance processes.

✨ Benefits of Coordinated Intake✨

Enhanced Applicant Experience

Whether your goal is providing improved access, reducing applicant “bounce” between units or organizations, creating consistency in applicant experiences, or maximizing the use of resources, A2J Tech can help you identify the goal for your intake system and the pathway to get there.

Strategic Assessments

We thoroughly assess your current intake system, including telephone, walk-in, online, and more. By examining everything from policies to processes, we provide recommendations for streamlined workflows and a more efficient coordinated intake process.

Tailored Workflow Integrations

We enhance, optimize, and integrate technologies into your intake workflows, notably your case management system, leading to increased accuracy, streamlined operations, and informed decision-making, ultimately strengthening your legal aid services.

Implementation and Change Management

We guide your organization through practical implementation of coordinated intake processes, providing training, documentation, and reporting tools to ensure effective operation and goal achievement.

Our Coordinated Intake Process

Information Gathering
A2J Tech collaborates with your team to establish project specifics, then outlines a comprehensive plan. With robust project management, clear communication, and regular meetings, we ensure timely, budget-aligned execution.
Systems Assessment
We assess your current system including policies, workflow, and technology. Our team facilitates evaluations to present recommendations to stakeholders, ensuring consensus on the project's future design.
We work along with the project team to ensure that implementation of the recommendations goes as smoothly as possible. If issues arise or new insights suggest plan adjustments, we ensure design changes will seamlessly align with overall goals.
Project Support
Throughout implementation, launch, and reporting phases, A2J Tech offers comprehensive support, expertise, and resources including documentation and training to guarantee the success of your project.