A2J Tech Events

Want to learn more about what’s going on in the field of legal innovation? Curious to see what the community is doing lately to improve access to justice? Come learn with us at an A2J Tech Event!

Upcoming Events

We do not have any upcoming events at this time. Feel free to check out the recordings of our past events below.

Past Events

May 2024

EJC 2024: Advances in Intake

March 2024

Empowering Communities with Legal Kiosks

February 2024

ITC 2024: Improving Staff Efficiency through Maintaining Document Automation Projects

February 2024

ITC 2024: No Budget, No Techie, No Problem

February 2024

ITC 2024: Strategic Partnerships and Technology to Improve Client Outcomes

February 2024

ITC 2024: Bridging the Digital Divide with Legal Kiosks