We're improving the legal landscape one solution at a time

Our solutions blend a variety of specialized support to create tailored, innovative offerings. They integrate diverse expertise to craft strategies that address the unique needs of legal services organizations.

Appointment Booking

Improve your intake process and reduce the frustration of missed connections by designing an applicant-centric callback system that empowers your applicants to manage when the callback appointment happens. 

Case Management Systems

Our suite of products and services are designed to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and optimize your case management processes, ensuring efficient and effective handling of your cases.

Coordinated Intake

Simplify the complexity of creating a coordinated intake system. Our expert consultants will help you design workable, efficient processes, spot potential issues, and create maintenance processes required to keep the system functioning well.

Intake Improvement

Intake is the gateway to the services you offer clients. Our Intake Improvement solutions are designed to help your organization create a robust and equitable intake process that facilitates access to legal aid services while treating all applicants with dignity and respect. 

Legal Kiosks

Legal Kiosks are computers located in public spaces that provide access to legal services. They help remove technology access and transportation barriers. They enable individuals to connect with legal information and services in their community.


Our portals are designed to transform the way your clients and users interact with their legal matters in an efficient manner. We can help ensure that your clients enjoy greater access to legal services, reduced barriers, and improved affordability.