Why should legal aid organizations consider Clio?

October 14, 2021

Managing a legal aid organization is not easy. There are all kinds of details to juggle:calendar invites to send out, tasks to designate and manage, contacts to add,billing to file, and documents to share amongst your team. Even when there are apps that help with each need, it can be overwhelming to learn all of their programs or to make sure your team members use them correctly. With Clio, however, all of those tasks are on one easy-to-use, streamlined site, so your organization can focus on what really matters: helping clients.

To make Clio suited for legal aid organizations, we are currently collaborating with Neighborhood Legal Services Program(NLSP) and Clio. Under a Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), we are currently working to adapt this case management system used by private law firms to meet the needs of legal aid organizations. In addition, we are developing features such as eligibility screening, grants management, and the custom reports required by LSC under this project. This is a project we like to call "Clio for Legal Aid."  Clio is a simple yet powerful solution that your organization can use today, even while developing more robust capabilities for legal aid organizations.


What can Clio do for my organization?

Clio was built with accessibility in mind. It features an intuitive, easily navigable interface. Clio is much more than just a case management site – though it does that, too. Clio features the ability to monitor your hours and tasks, your team's current matters and projects, associated documents, upcoming calendar events, your organization's contacts, and so much more.

From Clio's landing page or dashboard, you can get a snapshot of your personal agenda, your organization's efficiency levels, and your team's activities, all at once. Clio makes it easier for you to find essential records and documents, so you don't have to sift through 50 tabs on your web browser to find out where client files are located or in which email a client left their phone number. Not only can you file documents directly in Clio, but you can also upload templates and integrate document automation software, such as Documate or Afterpattern.

Clio can sync with over 200+ applications, some of which your organization may already use. For example, a popular and valuable add-on for your organization might be Clio's Gmail add-on, which allows you to file emails from Gmail to view in Clio, send email attachment files from Gmail, and add contacts. The Gmail add-on does not allow you to send emails straight from Clio. Still, it will enable you to file all email communication with its associated matter in Clio, so it's easier for you to find relevant information. Similarly, Microsoft Outlook users will be pleased to know that Clio has an add-on for Outlook, too, and both the Gmail add-on and the Outlook add-on also allow you to create time entries for time spent in Gmail or Outlook. Clio also supports different calendar apps and can sync them to Microsoft Teams or Zoom, so you never miss a meeting.

Moreover, Clio has an array of add-ons like ReportZone, Trello, Airtable, and many more. Clio's add-ons make it endlessly customizable to fit your organization's needs and seamlessly sync with apps your organization is already using. Also, you can connect Clio with Zapier and have over 4,000 integrations. Just imagine the level of functionality your organization can have.

Speaking of apps your organization is already using, switching to Clio doesn't require you to uproot all of your information and documents in stages or by hand like other case management programs require. With Clio, data migration is easy and painless. In partnership with Clio,  we have assisted several organizations in migrating to Clio while providing any additional onboarding training needed. The entire process is simple since Clio provides an onboarding and migration specialist for all their new clients.  

Where can I use Clio?          

Clio is a cloud-based web application that can be used anywhere and anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. In addition, Clio also has a mobile app downloadable through the App Store and Google Play, so you can continue to be productive even when you're not at your desk. This means that all of the functionality of Clio, made portable on your phone or even your tablet.

Where can I learn more about Clio?

We understand that Clio comes with many functionalities, and it takes time to discover them all on your own! That's why Clio includes the Clio Academy, which helps you get started through concise online courses, training videos for your team members, and webinars. Clio Academy also provides printable, one-page references you and your team can keep handy on your desks when you get started. And if you still have questions, Clio comes with 24/5 support by online chat or phone.  Clio also provides a free 7-day trial, so you can make sure Clio works best for your organization.

Clio is constantly improving and expanding to help target specific practice areas to help you and your organization. To check out more options for what you can do with Clio, visit this page.  

How can we help?

Feel free to connect with us and an initial discussion on how Clio might fit your needs. All legal aid organizations are different, but your organization can use many features and applications today.

We will be happy to have an initial discussion and talk more about your organization's needs and objectives.

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