What are we excited for in 2020?

December 5, 2019

Partnerships and Collaboration

Presentation given at Denver Legal Hackers Meetup on December 5th, 2019

Our belief is that collaboration is **key** to improving access to justice. So, naturally, we chose to talk about partnerships and collaboration when asked to share something that we're excited about for 2020.

We love Documate's no code document automation platform. We're looking forward to collaborating with Documate to provide services for clients that want to outsource the development of online forms.

We partner with Legally Virtual to provide technology services for small law firms through their LawStore. We're excited to improve access to justice by helping small firms utilize technology.

Community Lawyer has developed an app builder and a marketplace for legal apps!!! (three exclamation points is probably not enough) We recently built our first app for a client on Community Lawyer's platform and were impressed with the near limitless options.

We're kindred spirits with Melissa Moss and her company CatalystZone. We both believe in human-centered design, community-driven design, and the importance of collaboration in the design process.

We're big fans of the work of Collaborative Justice Partners and their ability to bring together organizations working to improve access to justice. In 2020, we'll be exploring how we can put our organization's capabilities together to strengthen collaborative efforts in the justice ecosystem.

Have you heard about Alliance for Lawyers and Rural America? This is an exciting new initiative that we'll be participating in in 2020.

The Denver Legal Hackers community and the international Legal Hackers community inspire us and provide a network of people to collaborate with. We are truly grateful to be part of such a forward-thinking and supportive group.

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