Streamline Your Workplace Using Formstack's 3-in-1 Platform

December 13, 2022

When deciding to brush up on the workplace's efficiency, there are many solutions out there on the market–so many that it can be intimidating. However, Formstack has emerged as a tripartite force to be reckoned with in the field of document automation with its solution array of Formstack Forms, Formstack Documents, and Formstack Sign.

Building together, without code

Formstack is an efficient, sleek, and no-code solution specifically tailored to users without extensive tech backgrounds. Instead, Formstack uses an appealing drag-and-drop system to create its automated workflows that is easy to use as soon as you make an account. Despite the interface's simplicity, Formstack Forms still allows for a depth of complexity in its user experience, with conditional logic allowing for forms to react to user input. 

What makes this system even more efficient for your workspace is that it's built for collaboration: anybody on your team can have access to any workflow, ensuring everyone's on the same page and making it easy to edit and review. One of your team members can even make a template or separate reusable workflow components that can be used by anyone else on the team, sharing their expertise and saving your entire office valuable time and effort. This can also standardize your client offerings to maintain your own distinguishable branding. 

Document automation made approachable 

Formstack Documents allows you to take the information gathered through Formstack Forms and use it to generate documents, whether that be Word documents, PDFs, or other files. Formstack offers an array of premade templates but also allows you to upload your own customized template, so you choose your level of involvement and customization. Want to rearrange checkboxes or create new text fields inside PDF forms? Formstack Documents allows that. Want to have something easy and standard your team can use within minutes? Formstack Documents' templates allow for that too. 

Formstack Documents even allows you to generate more than one document from the same form, so you can conserve your and your client's time by ensuring they only have to input the same information once. Like Formstack Forms, Formstack Documents' conditional logic and Data Routes feature to ensure that the documents dynamically reflect your users' responses, with different documents populating according to your user's inputs. You can even have various documents output through rules that you can set based on user answers. Between Formstack Forms and Formstack Documents, you can capture a full range of unique responses from your users with minimal effort. 

Screenshot of Formstack's
Formstack Form’s drag-and-drop app builder allows you to make forms in minutes without any coding

Easy signing on-the-go

Formstack Sign forms the third part of the Formstack trifecta, with a drag-and-drop eSignature solution that complies with FDA and HIPAA standards. It is easy to add to your workflows because of its no-code base and easy for your clients to use. Formstack Sign is compatible with every device and can even collect documents' signatures via text messages. This allows both you and your clients to respond on the go, freeing you from the confines of a traditional workplace and allowing even your least tech-savvy customers to sign as quickly as swiping their finger across a screen.

Formstack, as an all-in-one platform, is meant to save you and your team valuable time. All of their integrations are geared towards simplifying your workspace, from integrations as simple as ensuring all automated documents are sent from your office email to maintaining consistent branding or full integrations with Salesforce to help push data collected into your archives automatically. Formstack has over 260 and counting integrations ranging from emails, payments, and document storage to CRM and CMS systems. 

Because Formstack is meant to help you, not intimidate you, their support team has also provided a wide variety of resources to support your exploration of their Platform. If you need a boost in getting started, they have a range of templates available for your perusal. If you need inspiration for how Formstack can fit into your organization processes, they have several different mediums for you to choose from. Formstack maintains videos, blog posts, a podcast, and also provides recordings of their webinars so you can see what's possible to expand with their Platform. And if you get stuck, they also have an easy-to-navigate library of articles to help you, with a section devoted to their Salesforce partnership as well.

If Formstack sounds like the platform for you and your organization, Formstack doesn't force you to make that jump blindly – you can also select a free trial of any of Formstack's three solutions or combine them all at once through the Formstack Platform tiers. Formstack's free trial lasts up to 14 days, so you can be sure that Formstack's solutions really make your work life easier. For more information about Formstack and what it can do for you, you can chat with a sales representative through the 24-hour chat on their site or contact them for a demo through their site form. 

Still unsure and want to compare Formstack with other document automation platforms, or want to learn more about document automation in general? Check out our Document Automation handbook, which also includes some handy tips on how to start and what to consider when determining which platform is right for you

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