Building Your Legal Practice the Modern Way with Patternbuilder

February 14, 2023

Ever had an idea for making your law practice even more efficient and modern but had to shelve that Eureka moment because you couldn't figure out how to do it? Patternbuilder, formerly known as Afterpattern and now integrated with NetDocuments, is a toolkit to help you bridge those gaps. This platform has an arsenal of different, easy-to-learn options for you to customize and organize your law practice for your needs and your client's needs, saving you time and energy you can dedicate elsewhere.

        One of these tools is the app builder, which relies on your already hard-earned expertise and know-how to build professional-looking applications for your clients. You've already gone to law school and put in the hours with your clients in your field – PatternBuilder provides a new way to use that experience. These apps can help reduce your time in the office while also creating passive revenue streams.

A page of questions in Patternbuilder’s no-code app builder, which was built by using the dropdowns at the bottom of that page.

          Patternbuilder's intuitive, non-coding interface means the only prior skill you need to create apps is your own – no programming background or computer sciences degree is required. Handy web tutorials and NetDocuments' library of support articles mean you can learn how to use its interface in a matter of hours. Building legal products involves selecting from dropdown menus and click-and-dragging objects into place before you can have a mobile-friendly web application up and running. Need to edit, make adjustments or repurpose the app? That can be done with just a few clicks and republished immediately, either privately or publicly. You control it all, from Patternbuilder's web portal down to who can even access the link to your application.

          Patternbuilder's legal application programs can collect information from your clients, so you don't have to. It can also use this information to populate documents, send emails and more. Using NetDocuments' workspace and cabinet structure, you can have clients fill out forms and have their documents immediately saved to relevant matters without lifting a finger. You can even use Patternbuilder to collect signatures and perform logical reasoning to apply legal rules to client fact patterns. Yes, you read that correctly: you can set up Patternbuilder to rely on your own legal expertise without getting out of bed or having to repeat yourself if you want. With the apps you build, you can become the ultimate multitasker because it's all based on your own knowledge. Patternbuilder's toolkit makes it easy for you to consolidate client claims of a particular type – for example, clients with the same questions about trusts or the same standard contract they need to be drawn up. You could also build apps for client onboarding, allowing you to receive all the information you need for further representation and ensure you and your client start on the same page. You can even link Loom videos to your apps so your clients can understand the representation process.

          Especially since Patternbuilder is now integrated with NetDocuments, the apps you build can also be for in-house usage and a tool to help your team grasp cases based on the information they have from client conversations or research. You can even customize the level of access your team members have to Patternbuilder – maybe you only want some members to be able to edit apps, but you want to be able to allow all members to use them. Patternbuilder will enable you to streamline your practice so you can choose where to dedicate your focus, time, and energy. Replicated across your team, using Patternbuilder means your organization can double, triple, or even quadruple its finished tasks in the same amount of time. This kind of effective distribution of resources can also help boost your firm or organization's marketing strategy, propelling you to the top of your specialization in your area or even across the country.  

          If this process seems daunting or you need help figuring out where to start, don't worry! Patternbuilder can also connect you to teams of experts, like our team at A2J Tech, that can answer your questions, guide your app-building, or, alternatively, build your app out for you in a matter of weeks. Just like Patternbuilder's toolkit itself, it's all adjustable. These experts tailor their involvement to help empower you, teaching you so that you can understand how to build out a whole suite of apps on your own afterward. With Patternbuilder, you're not going to find pre-built formulas or templates, and that's on purpose. Patternbuilder focuses on giving you the tools to help you build out what you need, so you can make it exactly how you want it. For more examples and tutorials on how to use Patternbuilder, keep an eye out for our updated video courses on Udemy, coming soon. 

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