A2J Tech Company Update

January 6, 2022

It has been a while since I wrote a company update, so the beginning of the new year feels like a good time to write about the past year and our focus areas for 2022.

A2J Tech was founded in September 2018 with a mission to build technology to improve access to justice. We’re now about 3.5 years old, and our mission is still exactly the same.

2021 Highlights

In 2021 we worked on approximately 45 projects. Some of the highlights include deploying a statewide network of legal kiosks in Minnesota, launching a new statewide website in Arkansas, developing integrations for the Clio case management system, and developing the document automation for the expansion of Hello Divorce into Utah and Texas.

One of the primary goals for our organization last year was to implement a benefits program for our employees. On July 1, 2021, we officially launched our benefits program. Our current employee benefits include:

  • Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • Paid time off (full-time employees accrue approximately 19 days per year)
  • Paid floating holidays (full-time employees accrue approximately 6 floating holidays per year)
  • Paid sick leave
  • 401(k) with 100% match on the first 3% of compensation plus 50% match on the next 2% of compensation with immediate vesting.

We continue to add team members with diverse skill sets to meet the needs of our clients. At the end of 2021, we hired Devan Kreitzer to focus on data analysis and Lezlie Paulus to focus on business process improvement. Both Devan and Lezlie have deep expertise and have experience working for legal aid organizations (Devan at Bay Area Legal Services in Tampa and Lezlie at Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services).

2021 Financials

We had revenue growth of 97% year-over-year from $430,000 in 2020 to $847,000 in 2021. We provide services to three primary market segments, 1) non-profit organizations, 2) legal tech companies, and 3) law firms. We saw growth in all three segments, which 110% growth in the non-profit segment, 88% growth in the legal tech segment, and 45% growth in the law firm segment.

We provide services across eight primary categories, 1) application development–web and mobile apps, 2) business process improvement, 3) digital marketing, 4) document automation, 5) project management, 6) strategy consulting, 7) technology services, and 8) website development. Our “technology services” category is for projects that involve several of the individual categories–such as for a project in which we manage the project, design the logo, develop a website, develop the document automation, and market the product.

Our largest year-over-year growth category by dollar amount was technology services ($183k growth), followed by application development ($79k growth), and project management ($74k growth).

2022 Focus Areas

We have two focus areas for 2022. The first is to transition from an LLC to a corporation and provide a structure for employees to receive stock options and enable distributed company ownership. Incorporating the company will also position us to raise capital in the future if needed.

The second focus area is to develop replicable versions of our work so that organizations can more easily utilize many of the solutions that we have built. Rather than every project being custom, we are working towards developing a suite of products that can be deployed at a fraction of the time and cost of a custom project. We recognize that in order to improve access to justice through technology more rapidly, we must work towards making our tools available to all sizes of organizations at an affordable cost. Along with our normal focus on innovation, we will also be focused on replication in 2022.

Thanks for your interest in our mission and happy new year!

Joseph- CEO
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