A2J Tech: Celebrating Five Years of Innovation With Our Website Redesign

February 6, 2024

As A2J Tech commemorates its 5th anniversary, we're excited to announce the redesign of our website. This process was more than adopting a new look; it's a reflection of our growth, our values, and the essence of who we are as a pioneer in the field of legal tech.

A Commitment to Accessibility and User Research

Our journey towards this redesign began with an in-depth review of our website's accessibility.  Determined to meet the WCAG 2.1 standards, our team recognized the need for a comprehensive redesign. This initiative underscores our commitment to creating a new website that is not only compliant with the highest standards but also showcases our dedication to innovation. We then began extensive user research, incorporating feedback from our entire team and design experts, which provided us with invaluable insights. This research was pivotal in shaping every aspect of the redesign. As part of our redesign process, we also include an accessibility statement on our website. 

Looking at our Company Values

Our research reaffirmed our values of innovation, collaboration, and empathy as the guiding principles of our approach in the legal tech landscape. Our specialization in consultancy, direct service, and technology development, all aim at increasing access to justice. This redesign marks an important phase in our evolution into a more established and mature company. 

Elevating the Website Experience

The goal for our website's new look is to more accurately and engagingly reflect A2J Tech’s mission and services. We've focused on creating a consistent content layout, ensuring clear messaging around our services, and providing an engaging overview of what we offer. Valuable user feedback has been incorporated into the redesign, maintaining the most liked areas of our site, such as our mission statement, justice statistics, and unique illustrations, while addressing areas that needed improvement, like content layout consistency and clarity around our services.

Crafting a Brand That Inspires Trust and Understanding

Our aim was to develop a brand identity that not only builds trust and effectively communicates our mission but is also accessible to everyone. Not only have we chosen to make our colors AAA compliant, but we also place an emphasis on making sure typeface, text size, images, and user interface navigation are accessible as well. Our goal is for visitors to our site to feel confident in our capabilities, understand our mission clearly, and be compelled to work with us.

Design Inspiration: Symbolizing Collaboration and Innovation

Our design is inspired by the themes of mutual support and overcoming challenges. Our hand-drawn illustrations drew from concepts like collaboration, empathy, passion, and justice, featuring images that depict real-life teamwork, the essence of helping actions, and representations of the challenges we aim to overcome.

The Overarching Vision: Rebranding for Impact

Our ultimate goal with this redesign is to reposition A2J Tech as a beacon in the field of legal tech solutions, emphasizing our commitment to social responsibility, innovation, and collaboration. We invite you to join us in celebrating this milestone and embarking on this exciting new phase of our journey. Here’s to continued innovation, empathy, and a greater impact in the world of legal tech! 

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