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Backend Document Automation for Hello Divorce

Hello Divorce is an affordable and convenient divorce option for couples seeking a divorce without the attorney price tag. Hello Divorce can provide affordable divorces thanks to Document Automation.

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California, Colorado, Utah, Texas, New York, Florida

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Hello Divorce offers an affordable solution for uncontested divorces, eliminating the need for costly attorneys. As part of their national expansion, A2J Tech systematically documents the divorce process in each state, including automating all necessary court forms. A major challenge is understanding the unique divorce procedures of each new state. This involves creating detailed flowcharts for each step required for a divorce in that state. Typically, these steps are:

  1. Petition: Filing a petition usually initiates the divorce process, although some states require additional forms like a settlement agreement for uncontested divorces.
  2. Service: This step informs the spouse about the divorce, which may be waived in uncontested cases.
  3. Sharing Financial Information: Most states mandate the disclosure of financial details by both spouses to distribute property and decide on alimony and child support.
  4. Final Judgment: The concluding step, where some states might not require a court hearing for couples.

For each step, we also document the specific forms required. Hello Divorce engages legal experts, including paralegals and attorneys, to ensure every necessary step and form is included, considering local county regulations and omitting unnecessary elements for uncontested divorces. After finalizing this, we start the document automation process. This involves creating user-friendly questionnaires for each step, which auto-fill Word documents with the user's responses. Although we research and validate the legal process with experts, prototyping often reveals gaps like missing forms or additional steps, presenting another layer of complexity to our project.


This is where our team’s skills beat out all other document automation specialists. We have attorneys turned developers doing the legal research on navigating the divorce process and noting forms to automate along the way. This is also where our developer and project management skills shine. Using the agile project management method, we can quickly incorporate the feedback to make a new iteration of the prototype to be ready for multiple testing rounds. Although we are also working with other clients, we ensure that our developers do not have multiple deadlines to meet during this launch period.


Doing our own legal research prepares us for our meetings with legal experts and also plans our project timeline. Additionally, making these preliminary resources for Hello Divorce helps them make their divorce resources for their clients. We are able to launch the product! Being able to launch a product after months of building, iterating, and testing is not only gratifying for our team at A2J Tech, but the best part about the launch is providing people in the state an affordable solution for uncontested divorces without the attorney price tag. We are proud to partner with Hello Divorce in increasing access to affordable legal services!